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Kickstart your fitness Journey with this 7-day fitness and nutrition guide

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What you will get:

7 day Workout Plan for Home
7 Day Workout Plan for the Gym
7 Day Nutrition Guide (African, Western & Vegan Diets)
Essential guide to get started when working out and eating healthy

Who is this for?


Whether you're new to exercise or looking to switch up your current routine, this guide is designed to help you improve your overall fitness and health.

The Busy Professional: You have a demanding job that requires a lot of your time and energy.  You may struggle to find time to exercise, but you know how important it is to stay healthy and you want to find a way to balance your career, health and personal life.

The New Mom: You’ve recently had a baby and you are looking to get back into shape. You may have experienced postpartum depression or anxiety, so joining a fitness program can help her improve your mental health and physical health.


The Fitness Novice: You are new to fitness and may feel intimidated by the gym or working out in public. You’re looking for a fitness program that offers a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can learn the basics of exercise and build your confidence.

The Social Butterfly: You love being around people and are looking for a fitness program that offers a social aspect. You want to share your workouts with a supportive group of women and feel supported on your journey. 


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Testimonials & Transformations


Gbemi helped me see that I was stronger than I ever thought I was. Each week we progressively increase the weights, I'm never bored and she helps me stay consistent with my training and my goal to make fitness a FOREVER habit.


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