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Design your First Cohort-based Course 

Switch to Cohort Based Courses (CBCs) and 10x Your Course Impact and Revenue

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with Aruna and Gautham


2 weeks


9 May 2022

Time commitment

6 hours/week

Early bird price*


*The offer ends 2 May 2022. Regular price is £400

Learning Outcomes

Find the 'Market-Course-Teacher' fit for your CBC

Apply the framework of 'Market-Course-Teacher Fit' to decide your course topic and target audience.

Ship your Course Syllabus 

Craft a learner-outcome centred and actionable syllabus using backward design principles.

Facilitate like a Pro

Learn to use technology to engage students in active online learning experiences and create ‘aha’ moments for students.

Demo your CBC micro-lesson

Demo a CBC ready micro-lesson to your peers and get real-time feedback!

360 Degree Course Evaluation

Create a plan to identify the right metrics to assess the performance of the course, its student and yourself.

Cohort-Based Courses (CBC's) are your opportunity to teach a small group of motivated students around the globe. 


Don’t devalue your passion and personal value. Offer an Immersive and impactful learning experience for your students, without compromising on price point. Switch to CBCs, the teaching format that offers both.

Who this course is for:


Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Experienced educators who wish to create their first cohort-based course


Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Creators of MOOCs and other online courses who wish to launch their first premium CBC


Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Domain experts looking to kick start their online teaching career

Your Instructors

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Aruna K and Gautham

howtocbc was co-founded by Aruna and Gautham in October 2021 to help Teacher Creators build premium Cohort Based Courses.

Who are Teacher Creators? 

Teachers who wish to become Creators and Creators who wish to become Teachers.


Gautham has been a serial entrepreneur in the ed-tech domain for over 8 years.


After launching his first Cohort Based Course back in 2015, he went on to start where Cohort Based Courses (CBCs) in over 10 different domains have been launched. Over 5000 students have been trained by Pupilfirst across 16 cohorts to date.


Gautham is also a graduate of the Maven Cohort 3, an advanced accelerator program for course creators designed by Wes Kao.


Aruna is a physicist and educator. 


She has more than 7 years of experience teaching STEM courses at college and high school levels both in India and the US. In her previous avatar, Aruna was a postdoctoral scholar and lecturer at CMSA, Harvard University, and a graduate student at IGC, Penn State.


Aruna takes an active interest in pedagogy principles - Backward Design, Evidence-based teaching and Active learning.

Aruna and Gautham's mentees        them


Overall the course was a great experience. The level of demand and pace of the classes was just right for a first-time CBC course creator. Both Aruna and Gautham are great people and teachers, and were very involved in my personal learning. Gautham is very experienced in CBCs. His recommendations on articles and videos really helped me better understand the concepts. Aruna is clever and experienced in teaching at different levels. I found the office hours, their personal follow-up and feedback on the workbook were very useful. I now feel more confident about running my own course.

Rodolfo Sagahon

Corporate Impact Venturing. Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico.

Former UN Global Compact and ANDE.

I really enjoyed taking the How to CBC course with Aruna and Gautham. I’ve held my own CBC course before but felt like it could be taken to the next level. This course really helped me feel empowered to do so with tons of great knowledge that is easy to apply. 


Having peers to provide feedback was very helpful and the 1:2 time with Aruna and Gautham allowed me to ask questions specific to my own work. Gautham had plenty of suggestions to expand on my ideations and Aruna helped me to nail down many of the logistics of my future course. This was a fantastic opportunity and I highly recommend this course!

Rachel Hoeft

Coach, IMG Academy

Aruna and Gautham teach you in a quick format on key aspects of engaging online course design. Excellent combination of theoretical input and applying the knowledge yourself. I designed a micro lesson according to backward design theme incl. learners outcomes and got valuable feedback on how to improve. Highly recommend taking this course!

Kira Gai


Session 1: Develop Course Synopsis

Let’s start off with the essentials. Learn how to choose your area of expertise. Hone in on your target audience. Create a compelling course offering for your target audience so you’re ready to bring your course to the world.

Session 2: Enlist Course Learner Outcomes and develop your syllabus

Time to map out the transformational journey your students will take. Define course objectives and use your course objectives to outline a course syllabus.

Session 3: 360-degree Evaluation

Creating systems of feedback is essential to continue improving your course. Apply frameworks for evaluating the course and instructor metrics. Assess student performance and create rubrics.

Session 4: Design your CBC ready micro lesson 1: Content

Begin Mapping out your micro lesson by creating an outline of the lesson, the learning methods you want to use and what impactful activities you’ll give.

Session 5: Design your CBC ready micro lesson 2: Facilitation and Delivery

Delivery and engagement are key. Learn best practices for creating safe spaces. Optimise tech tools used to deliver engaging sessions.

Session 6: Demo your CBC ready micro lesson

The best learning always happens through doing. Present a small sample of a real class you would conduct in your CBC and get peer and instructor feedback.

Get certified

Once you complete you assignments and attend live workshops!

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Official and Verified

Signed by Let's Level Up and your lead facilitator



You can easily add your certificate to your CV or share it on LinkedIn!


Enhances Credibility 

Use your certificate to enhance your professional credibility and stand our amongst your peers

Why learn in a cohort?

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Stay accountable, give and get feedback, stay on track with accountability partners


Active learning > Passive learning

Will host live Zoom sessions where you can answer doubts and get personalised feedback real-time.

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Personalised feedback

The cohort is small. We will give each person individual attention 

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Join an upcoming cohort of

Design your first Cohort-based course

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


2 weeks


9 May 2022

Time commitment

Early bird

6 hours/week


*The offer ends 2 May 2022. Regular price is £400


What is the course schedule?

The course runs for two weeks. It starts on the 9 May 2022.

There will be 90 minute live sessions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7 am - 8:30 am Pacific Time (Time in your time zone).

I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?

You're expected to commit just 90 minutes for each live session. However, it is better to allocate more time for one on one office hours and assignments.

What is the refund policy?

What happens if I can’t make a live session?

All live sessions are recorded and available to watch on the student portal.

Will there be networking opportunities?

Yes! The course is highly interactive and you will work closely with groups of other participants.

Will I have access to the content and community after the cohort ends?

Yes! You'll have lifetime access to the library of content once you enrol in the course. The community will also never be dissolved.

At the end of session 2/6, if you have attended the session in person, and feel like it is not for you, we will refund 100% of your payment — no questions asked.


No shows will not be refunded unless prior intimation is provided.

Do I have to attend all of the scheduled live learning sessions?

Life and business get in the way sometimes. It’s okay if you have to miss the occasional session. However, we strongly encourage you to join as many as you can. We record all live sessions with our instructors and make those available afterwards on-demand.


That said, there’s no substitute for the magic of learning together with your peers.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

You may reach us on email at

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