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Business Owner LinkedIn Sales Accelerator

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Grow your business on LinkedIn using all the knowledge I use for my business

  • Create a free sales and marketing system to build a community of your ideal customer + inbound leads 

  • Leverage LinkedIn and have fun growing your business in just 15 minutes/day

with Ashley Leeds


8 Weeks


31st March 2023



£600/month if paid over 2 months

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Learning Outcomes

Build your free marketing tool

Create a marketing system that generates awareness for your business and allows you to reach new customers

Become a thought leader

Build a killer LinkedIn profile that establishes authority and makes YOU stand out as THE person to do business with.

Build your sales engine

Create a free sales engine that generates inbound leads of your ideal customer and consistent growth for your business

Content Mastery

Demystify content creation to build content that connects with your ideal customer and grows your community.

Open up Ashley's LinkedIn brain

Develop the confidence to do the right thing on LinkedIn by learning all the knowledge, hacks and tricks I have learnt over the years of mastering LinkedIn.

Develop a love for using LinkedIn 

Follow Ashley's system for getting the most out of LinkedIn by using it for just 15 minutes a day!

Learning Outcome


Who this course is for:

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Business owners who want to get clients from LinkedIn for free by creating content


Entrepreneurs who want to increase their brand by utilising the network of LinkedIn.

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Sales professionals who want to attract new customers without cold calling

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Bonus offers

Included in the price

Video tutorials 📹

A series of how-to videos that you can refer back to for help.

4 x 1:1 Mentoring Sessions 👌

1:1 with Ashley every 2 weeks to answer your questions and build a personalised strategy for growing your business through LinkedIn

Course workbook 📕

A comprehensive workbook to track your progress and build your blueprint for success on LinkedIn.  Packed full of tips and secrets to ensure LinkedIn is easy to use and delivers results.

Workshop recordings 💻

Full recordings of each live session

Access to an exclusive LinkedIn group ✨

Access a private LinkedIn group exclusively for my clients..

Exclusive LinkedIn Groupchat 🙌

Grow in a group chat of business owners where you can support each other and get all your questions answers and feedback directly answered by Ashley.

Your Instructor

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Ashley Leeds

So what makes Ashley really unique? It's a combination of his rich and diverse experience in 30 years in sales, coupled with his eagerness to help others that allows them to make a big impact in the least amount of time. He has given LinkedIn confidence for so many small businesses, and he's keen to help do it for you.

Ashley Leeds is a LinkedIn Kickstarter who has enjoyed a colourful career as a chef, in sales teams and coaching entrepreneurs to improve their business. 

In 2021, Ashley took this further and set up his own consultancy company. He realised that so many businesses were missing out on all that LinkedIn has to offer.  Following on from his successful LinkedIn program, he listened to his cohorts and developed a much more in-depth and hands-on program to help people to create content that works.

Knowing the basics is one thing, but creating content is something that many people struggle with.  Ashley will help you to overcome your fears of posting and get out there being a thought leader and trusted advisor.

Outside of work, Ashley volunteers for Guide Dogs as a Puppy Raiser and is a singer-songwriter where he recently raised over £16,000 for Young Lives vs Cancer in a 24hour live musical event.

"I brand individuals, not companies" 

What makes this coaching programme INCREDIBLE?

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Stay accountable, give and get feedback, stay on track with accountability partners who are ALL business owners like yourself!


Active learning > Passive learning

Will host live Zoom sessions every week where I will answer any doubts and get personalised feedback on growing on LinkedIn in real-time. 

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Personalised feedback

The cohort of business owners is small and you will have 4 x 1:1 mentoring session. This will give you the the individual attention needed to grow on LinkedIN 

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Business Owners LinkedIn Sales Accelerator


8 Weeks


31st March 2023



Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

£600/month if paid over 2 months


How much time will I spend using LinkedIn?

Do I need a premium or sales navigator account?

Nope! In fact, if you are new to LinkedIn please get in touch and I’ll help you get set up for free (as long as you have signed up for the workshop first 😁)

How does the pricing work?

Simple: You can pay either £1000 upfront or £600/month over 2 months!

Will the workshops be recorded?

Yes! As part of our bonus rewards you will have access to the learning material 

I have not received a confirmation email

Please write to us at and a member of our team will help you with this!

What date will the accelerator take place and what are the timings?

We will have a kick off on the 31st March from 11:30am-1pm. The following 1 hour sessions each week will be decided on a group consensus.

We will have a 90 minute kick-off session, then a 1 hour workshop each week. You will also get a 1:1 LinkedIn strategy session with me every 2 weks.

How does the pricing work?

Using my system, I will teach you how to master LinkedIn in just 15 minutes a day

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