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LinkedIn Daily Habit Challenge

with Ashley Leeds

If you get into a habit you can achieve so many things.


Why not get into a habit on LinkedIn and start your journey with my LinkedIn Daily Habit Challenge?


What is the LinkedIn Daily Habit Challenge?


It's a free five-day program to introduce you to some of the daily habits that you need to create a routine to help you grow your business online.


I like to inspire people to do the right things on LinkedIn on a regular basis.


It's all about consistency and if you go into LinkedIn every single day and do these few little tasks, you'll start getting the benefit of what LinkedIn is all about.


In this challenge, I will send you a video every single day for five days to keep you motivated to go in and do the right things.


What you'll be doing is…


  • Acting on your notifications

  • Connecting with people

  • Commenting on posts

  • Acting on your notifications


But more importantly, you'll be recording what you are doing and making sure you're doing the right things that will get you in practice for a great habit.


There is so much more that we can do on LinkedIn, but this little challenge is only going to take you a few minutes every single day for five days.  What a great way to start.


But once you've done that, you'll start getting into it. 


Once you get this, you’ll want to explore more ways to use LinkedIn to really help us grow our business, grow our brand, and get more customers.

I love LinkedIn and I want you to love LinkedIn too. So why not take the challenge? It's totally free, and I'm here to help you with my videos every single day.

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