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 Cohort-based course 


Stop chasing men who aren’t ready for a commitment, end meaningless hookups - and manifest a relationship by being fully yourself.


4 weeks


March 6, 2023


AUD $150


Are you...

  • Tired of playing games?

  • Only attracting duds?

  • Worried you scare guys off?

  • Tired of crappy treatment?

  • Stuck on a toxic ex?

  • Ready to 'give up' on dating?

This is for you if...

You are a catch - yet it's been a while since you've had a serious boyfriend.

You're dating around... but want to meet the one.

You've met someone... but he's giving you mixed signals.

After the course, you will...


Be Treated Like a Queen

And enjoy high-quality dates and court-ship.


Attract High-Quality Men

And stop giving your energy to time-wasters.


Command Utter Respect

And know how to uphold your boundaries.


Magnetise Your Match

And confidently navigate the first 30 days of a relationship.


Then you need this EXACT 4-step to manifest much better dating experiences, have more fun on apps and build the bridge from aimless chatting to ‘the one’ with a man YOU choose and like.


WEEK 1: Awaken Your Magnetism

When dating or meeting men, you are probably trying too hard or doing too much. Alternatively, you are so over it that you shut down, get defensive and basically give them nothing.

This module will help you awaken your innate seductive power and let the men you like come to you like bees to honey.

WEEK 2: Men Are From Mars

Don't shoot the messenger, but men are wired differently to us. If you treat him like you would a girlfriend, you're bound to get disappointed and frustrated when he doesn't give you the same love back.

In this module, I will teach you how to connect with him more deeply, so he’s eating out of your hand.

WEEK 3: Dating From The Feminine

In Week 3, you’ll deepen your understanding of masculine and feminine energy in dating.
There are SO many ways that women communicate with men from their masculine energy… which can sabotage forming a connection.

And, you probably don’t even know that you’re doing it.

You will realise the advice your friends have told you is all WRONG. By doing the opposite of what you've been conditioned to do, you will get the queen treatment you deserve.

WEEK 4: The First 30 Days

You've met someone you really like - so how do you not f-k it up?
Relax, I’ve got you.

In Week 4, I’ll show you how to handle feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, mixed messages and weird relationship milestones that come up even with the GOOD guy - and turn this blossoming connection into potential long-lasting love).


Your instructor

Alina Berdichevsky

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As a relationship coach, confidante to women and dating expert, I offer my wisdom and guidance to the area of intimate relationships.
I've helped hundreds of clients go from “situationships” into lasting romance - and every woman I work with finds her confidence, clarity and sense of control.

This course is EVERYTHING I have learned not only through the last 20 years of being a singleton, a wife, a girlfriend, a lover and every experience and heart-break in between - it's the fusion of thousands of hours of case studies, research, scientific methods and behavioural sciences that lead women to empowered experiences in intimacy and love.

I know this 4-week course will empower you with the confidence, tools and experience of your own feminine power to get back in control of your love life - and create the relationship you crave and deserve.

As seen in



"I finished the course feeling more energised and in my own power when it comes to dating - so I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling a bit lost or low about their dating history."

Anna, 36

The face to face contact with the group of women on zoom all being open and vulnerable was my favourite part. Also, I love all the great reminders of our feminine essence 🤍".

Julia, 33

"Just so much good advice packed into 4 weeks and you’re clear to the point no BS!"

Zoe, 49

"I feel so more confident & learning to trust my first instincts about someone. My favourite part was looking at real problems & getting advice. The content was relatable & I know I'm not alone."

Jackie, 38

"I think Alina is gifted with being about to help guide & teach us through all the trials of dating but also teaching us to see within ourselves the traits we believed to be true & correct due to upbringing or experiences. With that she has this magic about giving us insight & redirecting our beliefs & thoughts to view things in an alternate reality, shifting awareness & truths."

Alex, 35

"Alina is a beautiful facilitator, with a compassionate yet no-BS approach. She tells it like it is, but always with encouragement, positive feedback and practical, implementable solutions."

Kristie, 47


4 weeks


March 6, 2023


AUD $150 


What date will the course take place and what are the timings?

The course will start on Monday 6th March 2022 at 8 pm - and continue every Monday until 27th March, 8 pm, which will be the last class.

Each class will be 60-90 minutes of teaching and discussion, as well as weekly homework and guides

Is this course live or pre-recorded?

Every Monday at 8pm, there will be a LIVE ZOOM class, which you are encouraged to attend. However if you can't make it, each class will be recorded and found in your portal.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds offered for this course.

What time zones will all the sessions be held in?

AEST, Sydney Time.

What can I expect after the course?

After the course, you will have renewed confidence and personal power when it comes to online dating, meeting men socially, and turning potential interest into an actual relationship.

I have not received a confirmation email

Please write to us at and a member of our team will help you with this!

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