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Neuro Leadership

A no-nonsense ‘application focused’ leadership acceleration and self mastery programme that leverages applied neuroscience and biobehavioral techniques. 

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with Maria Chase and Reena Dayal


4 weeks


21 May 2022

Time commitment

5 hours/week

Early bird price


Regular price starts 15 April 2022 at £397

Learning Outcomes

Understand the machinery of the mind

Raise self awareness of your blind spots and stress triggers that are tripping you.

Enhance your emotional bandwith

Learn how you can leverage and synthesise emotional intelligence to your advantage 

Sharpen your influencing style

Develop an energetic presence and stakeholder strategy that enhances your impact and reputation 

Master though leadership in chaos

Develop a winning mindset that serves and sustains you in the face of ongoing  disruption 

Strengthen mental resilience and agility

Build a reservoir of anabolic energy to minimise  stress and combat exhaustion and burnout  

Define your mental blueprint to lead in unpredictability

Bring your learnings into your personal formula to lead yourself and others in ambiguous  times OR

White Noise on Black Background

Did you know that 90% of our decisions and actions are subconscious? To raise your game you need to maximise self awareness and capitalise on neuroplasticity and neuro-agility.

Who this course is for:

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

You are a professional in the first 10 years of your worklife keen to refine and accelerate your reputation, impact and future career growth trajectory.


You are a graduate trainee, first time project or team manager who wishes to minimise the bumpy ride of the first year and maximise visibility and credibility. 

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


You are an Start Up or Scale Up entrepreneur who wants to master the art of effective team delegation and how to get more done in less time with less stress.

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Your Instructors

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Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 14.44.12.png

Maria Chase & Reena Dayal

Awed and inspired by peoples’ endless potential, Maria Chase has spent over 20 years working in partnership to unlock and maximise peoples’ performance, creativity and impact, professionally and personally. Invited to contribute to a peer-reviewed international business journal focusing on Neuroscience, she brings cutting edge strategies, ideas and tools from the world of cognitive and applied neuroscience, positive psychology and pedagogy. 


Playful, serious and empathetic, in a former iteration Maria travelled the world as a croupier. She reads voraciously, is a student of Buddhism and an idealist.

Reena Dayal is an Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, HR mentor and team Leadership specialist based out of India and the UK. Backed with 22 years of Global Corporate HR and leadership development experience with FTSE 500 across 26 countries, she and her team of experts offer revolutionary science-based leadership acceleration solutions for Founders, Co-founders, CXOs, C-Suite and Teams.


Since she launched her entrepreneur career in 2015 she has enabled executives in 20+ organisations to accelerate at career/ life/ business inflexion points. 

They have worked with


Working with Reena was pivotal in my career growth. The personal attention and focus she brings to each and every single session is literally invaluable, you simply can’t fathom the deep impact it has on your understanding of self and professional development.


Digital Strategy Consultant and Mentor

Maria's gentle but strong approach encouraged me to explore even the most challenging of topics, gain insight, and decide on a way forward. Her understanding of the key principle of neuroscience is superb, and her ability to use it to reframe dilemmas was inspired and extremely helpful. I would recommend her without hesitation


Mindlight Consulting Executive Coach and Personal Brand Strategist

Reena is an incredibly talented, natural coach. She has a great ability to take your sometimes confusing thoughts and repackage them in a way that brings a new sense of clarity from which solid decisions can be made. She equipped me with the tools to successfully make the challenging transition from corporate life to launching a new business.


Lawyer, Founder and CEO Strand Sahara

Discovering how my brain works, distilling my focus, energy and strategy and overcoming what was getting in my way,  gave me the opportunity to develop and apply the skills needed to re energise and reorient my career path. I have now landed the perfect new role. Could not be more grateful, this work really works!


Events executive

Get certified

Once you complete you assignments and attend live workshops!

Sample Certificates (1).png

Official and Verified

Signed by Let's Level Up and your lead facilitator



You can easily add your certificate to your CV or share it on LinkedIn!


Enhances Credibility 

Use your certificate to enhance your professional credibility and stand our amongst your peers


1. Brain Hacking

Discover the machinery of the mind and neuro-hacks to sharpen cognitive abilities

2. Emotional Intelligence

Recognise subconscious drivers and learn how to use emotions as data points

3. Mental Resillience

Practice bio-techniques to master stress, confidence and unpredictability                                              

4. Neuro-agility

Apply concepts to develop a blueprint that serves you and   accelerates your journey

Why learn in a cohort?

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Stay accountable, give and get feedback, stay on track with accountability partners


Active learning > Passive learning

Will host live Zoom sessions where you can answer doubts and get personalised feedback real-time.

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Personalised feedback

The cohort is small. We will give each person individual attention 

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Join an upcoming cohort of

Neuro Leadership


5 weeks


12 May 2022

Time commitment

5 hours/week

Early bird price


Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Regular price starts 15 April 2022 at £397


What time zones will all the sessions be held in?

British Summer Time (BST)

What date will the fellowship take place and what are the timings?

The fellowship will start on the 21st of May 2022.

Is this fellowship live or pre-recorded?

The fellowship will be a blend of live workshops which are recorded so you can rewatch at any time. There will be pre and post-workshop work to complete each week. 

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, only if you complete all the assignments and attend the live workshops. The certificate will be signed by Let's Level Up and your lead facilitator.

Will the fellowship be recorded?

Yes! As part of our bonus rewards you will have access to the learning material 

Is there a refund policy?

You can request a full refund within the first 14 days of purchase before the fellowship commences. Subsequently, if you cannot attend the fellowship dates, you can opt to join another fellowship in this skill only once. Please see our terms and conditions for more.

I have not received a confirmation email

Please write to us at and a member of our team will help you with this!

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