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Launching a profitable coaching programme under 24 hours

Updated: Aug 11, 2023


In a world where success stories often take months or even years to unfold, Alina shattered all expectations by generating close to 5 figures in just 24 hours. Her inspiring journey, powered by the guidance of Let's Level Up, showcases the transformative potential of strategic coaching. Through our expertise and unwavering support, we helped Alina achieve remarkable results in three crucial areas: building a killer offer, client acquisition with a powerful social media presence, and automation through cutting-edge technology.

Building a Killer Offer

At Let's Level Up, we recognized the immense value of a compelling offer that would captivate Alina's target audience and elevate her coaching program to unprecedented heights. Together, we dove deep into the intricacies of Magnetic Dating, refining Alina's expertise and crafting a program that would empower individuals to transform their dating lives. By strategically aligning her unique insights with the desires and pain points of her ideal clients, we co-created a killer offer that resonated with authenticity and genuine transformation.

Here is what we landed on: Enabling the exact playbook to enable single women, to manifest a committed relationship in 21 days.

Please note: Alina was very clear on WHO she wanted to work with

Client Acquisition and Social Media Presence

Together, we built an engaging content strategy. Collaborating with Alina, we refined her content strategy to deliver valuable posts that resonated with her audience's desires and pain points. By consistently providing high-quality content, we deepened their trust and engagement.

  1. Compelling Lead Magnets: We created compelling lead magnets, such as free guides and mini-courses, offering additional insights and solutions related to Alina's coaching expertise. These enticing resources incentivized her followers to join her warm prospect list.

  2. Strategic Opt-In Opportunities: By strategically placing opt-in opportunities on Alina's Instagram profile and posts, we made it easy for her audience to join her warm prospect list. Call-to-action buttons and links directed interested individuals to opt-in forms, where they could express their interest and provide their contact information.

  3. Personalized Email Campaigns: Once prospects joined Alina's warm prospect list, we implemented personalized email campaigns to nurture the relationship. Through carefully crafted emails, we continued to deliver value, insights, and testimonials, establishing a deeper connection and building anticipation.

Automation with Technology

Alina also understood that time is a precious resource, and every minute spent on manual tasks was a minute taken away from Alina's coaching and making a meaningful impact with her clients. With this in mind, we introduced automation through cutting-edge technology, liberating Alina from the burdensome logistical heavy lifting. By implementing our intuitive Let's Level Up software, we revolutionized her operations. From administrative tasks and funnels to automations and sales processes, everything was streamlined seamlessly. As a result, Alina experienced a remarkable reduction in total time spent, with an efficiency improvement of over 30%. This newfound efficiency allowed her to reclaim her time and focus on what truly mattered: transforming the lives of her clients with her exceptional coaching experiences.

The Results: With Let's Level Up as her trusted partner, Alina embarked on her remarkable 24-hour journey. Armed with a killer offer, an engaged social media presence, and automated processes, she opened the doors to her Magnetic Dating program. The response was overwhelming and awe-inspiring. In less than a day, Alina generated close to 5 figures, a testament to the transformative impact of her coaching and the power of strategic guidance.


Alina's remarkable journey, fueled by Let's Level Up's expertise, is a testament to the extraordinary results that can be achieved when passion, strategic planning, and cutting-edge technology align. Making close to 5 figures in under 24 hours is not just a feat; it is a testament to Alina's unwavering determination and the transformative potential of strategic coaching. Her success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs, reminding them that with the right support, a killer offer, a strong social media presence, and automation through technology, extraordinary results are within reach.

Want us to scale your coaching and consulting business?

If you're ready to unleash the full potential of your coaching business and embark on a transformative journey, let Let's Level Up be your trusted guide. Together, we can craft a killer offer, establish a powerful online presence, and leverage automation to propel your business to new heights. Join us in the pursuit of success, impact, and the fulfilment of your coaching dreams.

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