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From Coaching Dreamers to Coaching Achievers: A Case Study of Scott and Michael's Transformational

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

"I think we can start our coaching program in 6 months' time."

These were the words said by the folks at Flightforty (They didn't have a name then!), led by Michal Stinnett and Scott Hinson when they first discussed their ambitious plan for a new coaching program. Little did they know that in just two months, their vision would become a reality launching in less than half the time, making more money and impact than what they thought was possible.

This is our case study of how we at Let’s Level Up worked with them to scale their impact and income.


In a world where career transitions can seem daunting and unattainable, career experts Scott and Michael make the process of career transitioning less daunting and intimidating.

At Let’s Level Up we have the privilege of working with them to double the monthly revenue of their coaching business and create thousands of leads for their ideal client. All of this while spending less time and money on technology, marketing and sales.

We followed a three-pronged approach: (1) Building a solid offer (2) Focusing on consistent client acquisition (2) Automation through technology.

Here is what we did.

Tweaking and building solid offers

First things first, we looked at their offer. We focused on building a solid offer that would captivate their target audience and empower them to achieve their career aspirations. Through meticulous research and analysis, we honed in on the pain points and desires of their ideal clients, crafting a coaching program that addressed these needs head-on. The final result: a coaching offer that targeted transitioning teachers, coaching them to get a job in 21 days.

Focusing on client acquisition

A great offer is step one. But, the next phase is actually getting the word about your offer out there. Hence, client acquisition is the next step. We focused on organic lead generation, such as, but not limited to, installing trust in their LinkedIn audience via free valuable content, building a robust lead funnel, LinkedIn profile optimisation, strategic DM’ing on LinkedIn and commenting on strategic accounts to build further visibility.

The goal was to get interested followers into their universe and that was done by an email program lead generation funnel (someone gives their email > series of value-driven emails for 1-2 weeks positioned as a ‘mini-program’ > upselling to a call/directly through a coaching program).

The formula we used was: Social media presence providing value + A proper value-added funnel = interested prospects willing to buy from you

Automating with systems

However, we knew that time is a precious resource, and every minute spent on manual tasks was a minute taken away from coaching and making a meaningful impact. That's why we introduced automation through technology, liberating Scott and Michael from burdensome logistical heavy lifting. By implementing our intuitive Let’s Level Up software they streamlined their operations. This meant their administrative tasks, funnels, automation, sales processes, and ultimately their student experience and event scheduling were all streamlined.

This also allowed them to reclaim their time and focus on what truly mattered: transforming the lives of their clients.


The results were nothing short of extraordinary. Scott and Michael's coaching business soared to new heights, surpassing their initial expectations. And most importantly, they go back their time, which was spent on the only thing that matters: providing genuine results to their people. Their income multiplied, and their impact reverberated through the lives of those they coached. They witnessed the transformation of guiding individuals through career transitions with clarity, confidence, and unwavering support.

Today, Flightforty is a shining example of what is possible when passion, expertise, and strategic guidance align. Scott and Michael are an inspiration for those seeking to navigate the unpredictable waters of career transitions.

Their story reminds us that with the right guidance, unwavering determination, and the willingness to embrace innovative approaches, we can transform our dreams into reality. The journey from coaching dreamers to coaching achievers is not only possible but within reach for those who dare to chase their aspirations. Let Scott and Michael's transformational journey inspire you to embark on your own path of growth, impact, and success.

Interested in learning how Let’s Level can scale your coaching business to greater heights? Book a call here to see how we can help.

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