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Here is how Ashley Leeds scaled his LinkedIn Coaching Business by 400%

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Ashley Leeds helps business owners build their LinkedIn presence to win business and have fun using LinkedIn!

Ashley first met Let’s Level Up in April 2022 when he was looking for a platform as his operations for his programme was very manual and he wanted to scale and save time.

Here is how he ran his coaching business before Let’s Level Up:

Ashley would enrol people through Eventbrite. Then, manually input all his attendees to his email and then send each of them an email confirming their admission to their course and manually send out calendar invites.

He would then run his course content on Google Drive. Send people recordings and worksheets via email.

It was logistically heavy and manually intensive.

Since starting to use Let’s Level Up, he has completed his 29th live course, which takes him minutes to set up. His 30th cohort is coming on the 17th April, you can check it out here if you want to take your LinkedIn personal brand to the next level!

Our platform provides a seamless learner experience to him. It allows Ashley to manage his entire admin and logistics such as landing page, confirmation emails, automatic calendar invites, and a home for all his teaching material. All in a few clicks.

This turns hours of work into minutes.

Now that his admin and logistics were sorted, he could focus on the one that actually mattered: delighting his students, creating new offerings and scaling his business.

And that is what he did.

Because the platform does all the backend heavy lifting, Ashley has built an entire ladder of trust.

It starts with a lead magnet (LinkedIn Challenge). The lead gets captured and then an automatic email sequence gets triggered (through our platform) of high-value emails. Through these emails, this upsells people to his paid programmes.

Running this funnel on autopilot (apart from him teaching the live sessions) has given Ashley more time to focus on lead generation for his coaching services, grow his personal brand and spend more time doing what he loves including writing a book!

It also allowed Ashley to build a high ticket, 3-month programme to help business owners build their brand which helped him achieve a record month of revenue.

There you have it. Ashley can now run his entire teaching and coaching business under one roof. He can attract leads by building his landing page, nurture potential leads through automatic email sequences and upsell them to his different product offers.

Here is a quick testimonial that he recorded for us:

You can check out Ashley’s programmes and free challenges here. If you are not yet working with us to build and grow your coaching business, let's chat?

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