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Validate your Business Idea with Pretotyping

Learn the fastest and cheapest way to prove whether or not your business idea will succeed.


with Jonathan Sun


5 weeks


26 April 2022

Time commitment

3 hours/week



It was brilliant how we learnt how to validate startup ideas with creative, manual experiments. Would highly recommend speaking to Jonathan Sun if you want to validate your idea.

When I apply the principles of pretotyping before proceeding into those stages it really helps me to see whether the feasibility for a business, product or idea is really there.



Co-founder of Let's Level Up


Taking his advice, I built an onboarding guide using no-code - pretotyping has changed the way I go about design projects. It's a valuable addition to anybody's toolkit!


Trove Books

Learning Outcomes

Idea to experimentation

Translate your business idea into an experiment with a XYZ hypothesis

Choose your pretotoype

Identify the right type of pretotype for your XYZ hypothesis

Analyse your experiment

Decipher whether your experiment has “succeeded” or “failed” 

Build your audience

Create an early-adopter customer base with skin-in-the-game methods, and either begin your startup journey with tried-and-tested traction

Say goodbye to ideas no one wants

Kill startup ideas that lack demand and work on something else!

Pitch your progress

Present your learnings from your experiments on demo day and have the chance to win £10k in investment.

“Killing off ideas early and embracing failure gets us to our winning ideas quickly.” - Anonymous

Who this course is for:

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who have always wanted to own their own business but not sure what to work on


Second-time founders who are searching for their next project

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Side-project indie hackers who want to test a bunch of ideas

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Your Instructor


Jonathan Sun

Hi! I'm Jonathan Sun, the Founder of Horizan VC, an innovative alt-VC utilising Convertible Future Earnings Agreements to invest in idea-stage founders.


Prior to this, I helped build an Ed-tech app during university matching high school students to their best fit colleges, served as a Techstars Startup Weekend organiser, and organised meetups with various communities such as Indie London, Zebras Unite, Gen Z VC, and Othership.


I am excited to ultimately democratise investing in the UK and EU, using these vehicles to help aspiring entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and jobs.

Jonathan has worked with

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The Human Entrepreneur

Get certified

Once you complete you assignments and attend live workshops!

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Official and Verified

Signed by Let's Level Up and your lead facilitator



You can easily add your certificate to your CV or share it on LinkedIn!


Enhances Credibility 

Use your certificate to enhance your professional credibility and stand our amongst your peers

Why learn in a cohort?

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Stay accountable, give and get feedback, stay on track with accountability partners


Active learning > Passive learning

Will host live Zoom sessions where you can answer doubts and get personalised feedback real-time.

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.

Personalised feedback

The cohort is small. We will give each person individual attention 

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


Join an upcoming cohort of

Validating your Business Idea with Pretotyping

Fellows can book in time with industry expert mentors throughout the weeks.


5 weeks


26 April 2022

Time commitment

   3 hours/week




What is Pretotyping?

Most aspiring founders/rookie entrepreneurs commit to business ideas too early, rather than testing a bunch at one time. This limits the amount of shots they have at success. Subsequently, this leads to a “rushed pre-seed” where a founder tries to get to that stage as fast as possible without actually looking at the quality of idea/business (but creates short term progress satisfaction). In addition, many don’t know how to test their business ideas effectively. Surveys have their place for understanding your customers, however, they aren’t a substitute for validating whether you have a quality idea in demand. 

Pretotyping helps rookie founders build better foundations for their journey by learning one of the most important skills: quick validation.

What is the difference between Prototyping and Pretotyping?

Prototyping asks the question, "can we build it" while pretotyping asks the questions, "should we build it."

How is pretotyping related to the learn startup?

Pretotyping is even leaner than Lean Startup and even more minimal than MVP.

When should I first start utilising pretotyping?

Generally when you first come up with your idea!

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, only if you complete all the assignments and attend the live workshops. The certificate will be signed by Let's Level Up and your lead facilitator.

When will the live sessions be held?

The live sessions will be held 7-8pm British Summer Time (BST) every Tuesday during the 4 weeks

Will the fellowship be recorded?

Yes! As part of our bonus rewards you will have access to the learning material 

Is this fellowship live or pre-recorded?

The fellowship will be a blend of live workshops which are recorded so you can rewatch at any time. There will be pre and post-workshop work to complete each week. 

I have not received a confirmation email

Is there a refund policy?

You can request a full refund within the first 14 days of purchase before the fellowship commences. Subsequently, if you cannot attend the fellowship dates, you can opt to join another fellowship in this skill only once. Please see our terms and conditions for more.

Please write to us at and a member of our team will help you with this!

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